25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment

 Reginald Edwin "Freddie" GUEST

Medal card : (1) Pte. - 25th London Regt. (2) 2/Lt. - Middlesex Regt. (3) Lt. - Indian Army. Served from March 1917 India N.W.F.
                      Card address - Junior Naval and Military Club, 96 Piccadilly, W.
Medal roll : 25 London R., Theatre of War 26.5.17 to 13.8.17, Perm. Comm. 9 Middlesex R. 18.8.18.
[1/25th Regt. Address Book*] - 'A' coy. - L.Cpl. - 69 Dunstan Rd, E. Dulwich, S.E.

The son of John Guest, and Josephine H. Guest, born in 1896, Highbury, London. 

Freddie wrote 3 books :-

Escape from the Bloodied Sun Freddie Guest, London 1956

As a Middlesex officer in Maltby’s headquarters, Guest saw the battle from the inside. However, the focus of the book – some 75% - is on the MTB escape of December 25th. Having met Admiral Chan Chak during the fighting, Guest and his colleagues escorted him to the south side of the Island and – under Chan Chak’s leadership – they successfully escaped through China.

Indian Cavalryman Freddie Guest, Jarrolds 1959

Guest’s biography includes two chapters on his work at China Command and his escape with the MTB flotilla on December 25th. There is little to be found here not covered in ‘Escape from the Bloodied Sun’.

Fifteen: The advanced game of contract bridge, Publisher: S.Paul, 1960.

Here is an exciting new version of Contract Bridge which will assuredly instill new life into the present game which has held sway so long.

Admittedly 'Fifteen' demands more thought and skill than the ordinary game of 'Contract' but players will be stimulated and rewarded by the challenge.

'Fifteen' is Contract Bridge as generally implied but played with the new 60 Card Pack. The eight additional cards are the 11 and 12 of each suit which take their place in their ordinary numerical sequence. The system of play and scoring is practically the same, with just one or two modifications. 'Fifteen* is constructed with as much simplicity as possible, which enables the average player to grasp the game immediately without any unnecessary complications.

The object of the book is not only to introduce this exciting Advanced Game of 'Fifteen*, but to help Bridge Players to understand and overcome some of the fresh and intriguing problems which have been brought about by the addition of the extra new cards.

Hong Kong War Diary
Fifteen - The Advanced game of Contract Bridge


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