25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment


 Capt. Albert Henry William TRAPMANN / TRAPMAN


Albert Trapmann was a Capt. / Adjutant with the 26th Middlesex and then the 25th London (Cyclists) Battalion.

Albert Trapmann was born on the 15 Sept 1876. He was the son of William Hume Trapmann, a merchant, born in Charleston, South Carolina. William's father Lewis was born in Germany [1850 US census]). In the 1911 census Albert gives his birth place as South Kensington, however there is no matching birth registration, however there is a registration for a William Trapmann in the right year, so it is possible that he was registered using his last christian name [GRO Ref Kensington Dec Q 1876 Vol 1a Page 168]. His family were resident at 29 Roland Gardens, South Kensington in the 1901 & 1911 censuses. He first married Irene Maggiolini S'carampi Di Mombercelli in 1909 in Hastings at which he described himself as "Of Independant Means" [GRO Ref Hastings, Sussex Jun Q 1909 Vol 2b Page 102]. He married 2nd to Olga Mary Dickson in 1930 at Bromley, where he described himself as a retired Captain Royal Engineers and an Author [GRO Ref  Bromley Kent Sept Q 1930 Vol 2a Page1997]. He died in Italy on the 25 May 1933 [GRO Ref Consular Deaths 1931-1935 Bordighera, Italy Vol 27 Page 182 age56].

In his service record he lists his education as S.E.S. Oxford, France, & Madrid University.

Service Record[The National Archives - WO 374/69356]
Joined the 26th Middlesex Rifle Corps (Cyclist) : 1 Sep 1896 - 1 Apr 1899
Resigned to serve in Egytptian Gendarmerie
26th Middlesex Regt. - 2nd Lt. : 3 Nov 1902 - 3 Apr 1904
                                     - Lieutenant : 3 Apr 1904 - 15 Feb 1907
                                     - Captain : 15 Feb 1907 - 1 Apr 1908
1/25th Cyclist Bn. London Regt. - Captain : 1 Apr 1908 - 3 Jul 1915
3/3 City of London Regt. : 3 Jul 1915 - 20 Jul 1915?

At some stage between 1915 and 1920 he lived in Gough Lines Secunderabad, India.

Trapmann was a promotor of the bicycle in warfare, writing and delivering lectures on the subject.

He was often mentioned in newspaper articles :-

He was also the author of a number of articles & books, particularly during the First War.

  • Cyclists in Action (1903)

  • An article in "Cycling" - a weekly journal - 14 Sept 1910 - under the nom de plume 'En Avant' (forward or onward).

  • Straight Tips for “Subs.” ... Hints on Commissions, Allowances, Kit, etc. (1915)

  • The Greeks Triumphant. [An account of the Greek campaigns of 1912 and 1913. With illustrations and maps.] (1915)

  • The Battalion in Attack. By “Tactician.” [With diagrams.] (1916)

  • Tactics for Field Officers and Company Commanders of the New Armies. By “Tactician.” (1916)

  • London (1921)

  • The Dog: man's best friend ... With ... illustrations, etc. (1929)

  • Straight Tips for “Subs” ... Revised to date by Major J. Seymour Rouse ... Fourteenth edition. (1939)


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