25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment


Regiment Entertainers

It appears there were various "entertainers" or entertainments groups within the regiment. Those known are the Versatiles, The Dagshai entertainers, The Five Londoners, and "the band".

[Photo courtesy Paul Harris]

[Photo courtesy of Brian.]

[Courtesy Paul Harris]

[From poster - courtesy Paul Harris]

Source - 'To Distant Shores to Serve on Far Fields' by Peter H. Liddle
[From the records of Capt. R.C. Morgan held by the the Liddle Collection, Brotherton Library, Leeds University Library. ]

Band of the 25th C.of L Cyclist Batt - March 1916

[Photo courtesy of Amanda.]

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Percy Chisnall's photo album of the entertainers.


The band relaxing (see names below) 


Photo or 'postcard' given to Percy Chisnall.
[Photo courtesy of Amanda.]

Photo of Reg Winter found in a notebook of Percy Chisnell. Written on back : "A member of our concert party . He is exceptionally good at Harry Mauden's songs".
[Photo courtesy of Amanda.]

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