25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment


Ships used by the Battalion.

From various sources a number of ships have been discovered that transported 25th London battalion troops to and from India. The main outgoing ship appears to be the Ceramic. Several returning boats have been named from various sources including in service records.

Transports from England to India.

H.M.T. Ceramic|
H.M.A.T. Ulysses

H.M.S. Empress of Britain

Transports from India to England.

S. S. Brandenburg
H.M.T. Derbyshire
S.S. Erinpura
SS Indarra
H.M.T. Kashgar
H.M.T Lancashire

Transports to and from Mesopotamia.

H.M.T. Egra
H.M.T. Ekma



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